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CostaRicaLiving is for anyone who's interested in moving to, retiring to, living in, or simply visiting Costa Rica.  CRL is a place to discuss, ask questions, or exchange information about Costa Rica such as, when is the best time to visit, should I come during the rainy season, what is there to do in Costa Rica, can I retire easily in Costa Rica, is it hard to get residency in Costa Rica, what's it like being an expat, how to get things done, questions about Costarrican medical services, or where to find things. Any and all sorts of questions relating to Costa Rica are welcome.
New & existing members alike are encouraged to start new topics which relate to Costa Rica! Trip Reports are particularly welcome as are personal recommendations for good places to shop, eat, or stay.  Political discussion is acceptable only if it relates to Costa Rica.  
We only request that all discussions be kept mature, polite, and related to Costa Rica.
New member applicants are required to submit a brief intro bio before they are granted approval.
Begun in 1997 our group is non-commercial, non-religious and we are a privately held list.

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