These General Guidelines are sent to the membership periodically. Please read!


1. All posts should relate to Costa Rica.
2. All new members are moderated at first. After their first four posts new members are automatically unmoderated if they are following the guidelines –unless they request to remain on moderated status.
3. Posts can be read at our website or may be received by members one at a time or in digests, at the member's choice.
4. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL of our other members: no insults, no flaming, & no profanity; all these are unacceptable in posts. Use of unacceptable language in posts may result in a member's removal without comment.
5. NO PIGGYBACKING ALLOWED! (Piggybacking is including the text of a prior post in your reply.) However, a brief one or two line quote for clarity is acceptable. Chronic Piggybacking on posts or replies by a member may be declined without further comment.
5a. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DELETE THE PREVIOUS MESSAGE BEFORE REPLYING! Help us to keep CRL posts uncluttered and easy to read. Members who are chronic piggybackers and don't bother to delete the previous message text from their replies will either have their posts rejected or returned to them to remove the previous message text before resubmitting their post for reconsideration. (NOTE: Piggybacking primarially affects members who receive their CRL posts via email or in Digest form.)
6. TAGLINES (including your signature) may not exceed 4 vertical spaces nor exceed 250 characters maximum. Do not advertise in your tagline. Excessive taglines will be trimmed to comply.
7. ONE-LINE POSTS are discouraged –with the one exception of a one-line post which specifically answers a member's previous question that was asking about, for instance, where to find something; in that instance a one-line post IS acceptable. (But no one-line "yes, I agree" and no "thank you" posts are allowed, however such replies may be sent privately, off-list when a member is at our online site.)
8. ADVERTISEMENTS on CRL are generally on a once per month basis and MUST be BRIEF (200 words or fewer for the text), and should indicate in the message's text 'who-what-when-where' and MUST include both a price and the item's location. Also PLACE your contact info at the BOTTOM of the text below your signature, and NOT in the subject line. Please do not include in your ad a long list of items offered.
8-a. MEMBERS' PERSONAL ADS, on a limited basis (every 30 days or so), are welcome which concern their own business and services, a personal property for sale or rent (on both the list and the group's e-board) , but keep them brief. Please provide your contact info at the bottom of your ad. Also welcome are members' posts when they recommend the business or services of others.
8-b. MEMBERS' PERSONAL REAL ESTATE ADS - *MUST* include a statement that the property is their own personal property. NOTE: "For Sale By Owner" is NOT acceptable because it does not confirm ownership. Ads not including this statement will be declined.
9-c. COMMERCIAL ADS twice per month are allowed. Keep your ads general and BRIEF (200 words or fewer) and you MUST provide contact info at the end of your text in a tagline. Please also refer to number 6, above.
8-d. REAL ESTATE ADS - Commercial Sales & Rentals. One ad per month. Keep your ad BRIEF, a maximum of 200 words or fewer. Do not include any RE listings but you may provide general information about your business.
IMPORTANT: You MUST provide contact information for your business and it MUST be in a tagline at the bottom of the ad. (See number 6 above.)
8-e. NOTICE: ALL ADS PERSONAL AND COMMERCIAL, will run for one month, then are automatically deleted. You are encouraged to re-post your ad the following month, if you choose.
8-f. DISPLAY NAMES as ads - Since we are listed as a non-commercial group members' display names may not be that of any business or blog.
8-g. REQUESTS FOR DONATIONS, none, ever.
9. SUBJECT LINE When starting a new, different topic please use a Subject Header that relates to the post's contents. Do not advertise in the Subject Line; keep it brief and on-topic to your post, please.

NOTE: Our unabridged 'Posting Guidelines for CRL' may be viewed at any time
by just clicking on the 'Wiki' button, found online in the left hand sidebar of any page.

Finally, feel free to contact our moderators for any assistance.

Janet Blakeley(Owner/Mod.)

Paul Mitchell (Owner/Mod.)

Michael Josephy (Owner/Mod)

Monica Jones (Mod)

Helen Frame (Mod)


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